Danielle Miraglia (murr-Ä L e a) comes armed with a strong steady thumb on an old Gibson, an infectious stomp-box rhythm and harmonica.  Her tunes range from heart-felt to socially conscious and will move both your heart and hips.  Danielle's latest release “Box of Troubles” a bare-bones expression of all these attributes, explores the highs and lows that life has to offer and has already received rave reviews.  Alternate Root says “Danielle Miraglia’s guitar work keeps Delta traditions alive. Her steady thumb and playing style trace a direct line to the blues of the field and chicken shacks. Vocally, Danielle’s voice digs in, twisting within the delivery, seeming to break but more likely soaring before the fall. ‘Box of Troubles’ balances good times with the bad, her characters roles’ defined and believable.”

Raised just outside of Boston in Revere, MA, where its famous beach is better known for girls with big hair than its history as a popular tourist attraction, Danielle was raised on a variety of popular music, from her parent's Motown records to the classic rock influences like The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin that encouraged her to learn to play guitar at thirteen. A passion for the arts and an outstanding gift for writing lead her to Emerson College in Boston's downtown theater district. After graduating with a degree in Creative Writing, she put her writing skills, originally intended for novels, towards songwriting and began performing at open mike nights in the Boston area.  This set in motion what would become a full-time career in music.
In 2001, she released her debut EP "Bad Poetry," followed by a second release "Just Wrong Enough" in 2002. From there the songs poured out and the gigs flowed in. She began headlining some of the most renowned blues and folk music venues in Boston, toured major cities from north to south and beyond, while earning street cred vigorously busking the streets of Harvard Square. Her follow up "Nothing Romantic" was a breakthrough for Miraglia as a serious songwriting force, who could put into words what so many feel - a true explorer of the complexities of the human condition.  Jon Sobel of described her song "You Don't Know Nothin'" as "One of the best new folk songs I've heard in years. Its depiction and dissection of human misunderstanding is both sharp and tender. All you need to know about what drives people apart and what draws them together can be witnessed in a few hours spent in a bar. Many of us feel something along those lines, but Danielle Miraglia is that rare songwriter who can put it into words."

"Box of Troubles" combines Danielle's blues edge with great songwriting and highlights this better than any of her previous releases.  "She’s an up and coming blues woman who doesn't hide behind a huge band -- they're here but she is definitely front and center with her in-your-face attitude. Combine that with her hot acoustic slide guitar and a voice with a Janis Joplin edge and you've got some great tunes that even a hardcore Robert Johnson fan will love." - Jamie Anderson - Minor7th

Mountain Stage NewSong Northeast Regional Winner!  NERFA Formal Showcase Artist!  
Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist!  
RedLine Roots Big Red Favorite Local Female Songwriter!
Honorable Mention - Telluride!
NERFA Tricentric and DJ's Choice!


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