Some ways we can connect during this moment in time...

While all the in person shows have been canceled or postponed for a while, here are some ways we can connect during this moment in time…

LIVE STREAMING CONCERTS:  - Next Live Stream: Sunday, July 26th 6PM - I would love to connect with you all.I have an ongoing residency at a very local, yet world-wide venue. My House…It was a tough gig to get.  Had to convince myself to book myself.  And I demanded that I put dark chocolate and warm washcloths in the greenroom. What a friggin diva! I'll be doing these periodically as part of the 24 Hour Concerts Live at Home Series. (More on that below). They'll be streamed live from my Facebook Music Page and Instagram... 
– Admission is Free or Pay-What-You-Want - I’ll post my Venmo and PayPal for anyone who would like to throw something in the tip jar: 

Venmo:  @DanielleMiraglia 


ZOOM GUITAR LESSONS:  I’ve moved some of my guitar students over to Zoom. Oddly, I’ve been finding it to be more productive and focused than in person lessons. I’m picking up new students along the way.  If you and/or your child would like to take a lesson or ongoing lessons with me, the cool thing is, location is no longer an issue.  Please get in touch.  See this link for details and price tiers.  I’m also happy to work with your budget if you’re on a tight one like many these days.  I teach all levels, ages 8 – Infinity. 

BRIGHT SHINING STARS COMING SOON:  Excited to announce, the new acoustic folk/blues album "Bright Shining Stars" will be released on Vizztone Records this Fall!  Anyone who pre-orders or has pre-ordered will get the preview digital version instantly! If you’d like to Pre-order go here 

PATREON:  I post rough mixes from the new album, mini guitar lessons, exclusive videos and more for as little as a dollar a month. A little bit of everything. 

VISIT THE VIRTUAL MUSIC STORE:  Past albums are available on the web site and Bandcamp. 

24HOUR CONCERTS: 24Hour Concerts is my husband’s music series out of the Burren and most recently Sally O’Brien’s.  It’s our family business with a small crew of dedicated people who’ve helped keep the series top quality over the years.  To keep this series going during all this, we’ll be streaming concerts live from artist’s homes and we’re selling cool T-shirts.  Check it out

Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones) Cover - Clip from the IG feed of our last livestream. See you this Sunday!

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