Lessons and Mentoring

After many years of performing and touring all over the country and beyond in various situations, Danielle has had every kind of gig experience you can imagine.  Over the last few years, she has worked with students ranging from age 8 to adults to help build their confidence and skills as players, songwriters and/or performers.  Whether you want to just play music for fun, are looking for a full-time career in it, have the itch to write songs, but would like some guidance, or just want to be able to pop into a local blues jam and hold your own, Danielle can assist you.  Inquire directly at daniellemiraglia@gmail.com  

"Danielle really is the ideal teacher for my 13 year old--very relatable, focused on all aspects of guitar, 
and most importantly, she makes her lessons enjoyable, which is so important!" - Kathryn Scholl Bianco, Parent of Guitar Student Tori

Contact Danielle for availability.  Already scheduled your lessons?  You can purchase from the options below. Venmo Payments also accepted. @DanielleMiraglia 

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