Danielle Miraglia @ Breaking Barriers: A Tribute to the Women Who Paved the Way

Breaking Barriers: A Tribute to the Women Who Paved the Way, Marblehead, MA

Four of New England’s premier singer/songwriters pay tribute to the women who influenced them most. Danielle Miraglia’s, Lisa Bastoni’s, Jenee Halstead’s and Samantha Farrell’s inspirations at times overlap and at times part, making for an eclectic night of music and collaboration where you may hear songs by everyone from Janis Joplin, Dolly Parton, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Heart, Joni Mitchell, Tina Turner, Kate Bush, Bonnie Raitt and certainly some surprises! This is sure to be an entertaining night of friends sharing the songs they’re most passionate about.


Danielle Miraglia @ Isis Music Hall

Isis Music Hall, Asheville, NC

Danielle Miraglia comes armed with a strong steady thumb on an old Gibson, an infectious stomp-box rhythm and harmonica with tunes ranging from heart-felt to socially conscious that will move both your heart and hips. Her latest "All My Heroes Are Ghosts," released with her band Danielle M and The Glory Junkies touches on a lot of what might be on your mind these days – from the loss of so many musical heroes to our collective anxieties on “All On Fire,” and more.. The music itself blends influences of some of Miraglia’s own musical heroes - The Rolling Stones, Prince, Janis Joplin along with Danielle's lyrical ability to explore human nature at its best and worst. Danielle M and The Glory Junkies are nominated for a 2018 Boston Music Award for "Blues Artist of the Year" and Danielle was nominated for a 2015 Boston Music Award for Singer-Songwriter of the Year.

"Straddling the line where folk/roots meets rock/blues, Miraglia has a voice that can go from a raspy come-hither purr to an Etta James-esque powerhouse belt, although she may be best known for her lead thumb — a heavy, thumping strike on her Gibson that’s backdrop percussion in itself." - Lauren Daley, The Boston Globe

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