Danielle Miraglia @ Ladies Play the Blues

Ladies Play the Blues, Marblehead, MA

“Straddling the line where folk/roots meets rock/blues, Danielle Miraglia has a voice that can go from a raspy come-hither purr to an Etta James-esque powerhouse belt, although she may be best known for her lead thumb — a heavy, thumping strike on her Gibson that’s backdrop percussion in itself.” Lauren Daley – The Boston Globe

“Danielle is a dynamic and captivating musician; her rich soulful voice and blues guitar mastery resonate in a performance both rare and unforgettable. Paul Patchel, State Street Blues Festival – Media, PA
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Kerri Powers
I don’t know where this young lady came from but it’s got to be a secret place. This is not the kind of singing and performing that can be easily taught. It has to be in your spirit, in your blood and the fact that she is from the Northeast is going to confound the artists down South, in the Delta, in Memphis, Clarksdale, Austin, and Nashville. John Apice/No Depression
Powers has crafted a straight-forward album [Starseeds] with an honesty and intensity that makes it feel huge. She has a great voice and is a wonderful guitar player, but the reason this album resonates is because, at her core, she’s also a pure communicator. American Blues Scene
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For those of you not acquainted, Erin Harpe’s voice is what most would seem “awesome.” Harpe displays a certain vocal grace even when bending her notes all over the place (this is the blues, remember) in that she always starts and ends each note exactly where she wants. And, by association, exactly where we want. Boston Band Crush
For those who miss the early days Bonnie Riatt or Rory Block, Erin Harpe might bring salvation! A blues Chanteuse in the vein of Memphis Minnie or Bessie Smith, Erin’s music comes close to the authentic and raw blues from decades ago. Mr. Blues Boogie (Belgium]

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